Kid's Chef Salad

What better way to introduce your child to the tastiness of salads than by combining familiar flavors with a healthy bag of Fresh Express Veggie Spring Mix. Serves 1
1 Bag Fresh Express Veggie Spring Mix
2 pieces of your child's favorite lunch meat
2 pieces of your child's favorite cheese (such as Swiss, American, Colby)
1 hardboiled egg, chopped
2 slices turkey bacon, chopped
Child's favorite Ranch or Italian dressing
1) Have child tear bite-size pieces of lunch meat and cheese.
2) While child is preparing the meat and cheese, place egg in a sauce pan with enough water to cover the egg by one inch. Heat over high-heat to just boiling. Remove from burner and cover pan. Let stand about 12 minutes. When done, transfer egg to an ice bath.
3) When egg is cooled, take the shell off and chop egg. Set aside
4) Cook turkey bacon according to package. When cooked, cool and then chop into small pieces.
5) In a bowl, combine all ingredients, except for dressing.
6.) Transfer to a to go/reusable dish with dressing on the size
7.) Have child drizzle desired amount of dressing on the salad