Regionally Packaged = Fresh & Tasty

By packaging your Fresh Express Organic Salads regionally at one of our three facilities in the East, Midwest and West, we can get fresh salads to your store fast – ensuring you enjoy the best tasting organic salads possible.

Same High Quality Standard, No Exception

  • Salad Smarts

    In 1989, we were the first to successfully package and nationally distribute a fresh-cut, ready-to-eat salad. All that experience adds up so that we can now bring you one of the finest organic salads on Earth.

  • Chilled Greens

    As soon as your organic leafy greens are harvested, they’re chilled within hours to maintain optimal freshness. You’ll taste it in every bite.

  • Fresh Taste

    So you can enjoy the freshest tasting organic salads possible, we rush them to your store from one of our regional packaging facilities.

  • Food Safety, Above All

    The Fresh Express 7 Steps of PreventionTM Food Safety Program is an industry gold standard. Follow the program from start to delicious organic salad finish.

  • Delicious Salad Mixes

    Our fresh organic salads are waiting for you. Discover the flavorful mixes and what makes each one uniquely delicious.